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Post Abortion Syndrome


Post-Abortion Syndrome (PAS) is characterized by severe depression, guilt, eating disorders, anxiety, anger, lower self-esteem, addictions, anniversary grief, etc., following a woman's abortion. While abortion advocates claim there's no such thing as PAS, PAS counselors say they have witnessed severe psychological trauma in women, regardless of the number of abortions they have had.

After a woman undergoes an abortion, despite her feelings prior to the operation, she often suffers from mental and emotional distress. The events and behavioral problems that occur as a result of these feelings are considered symptoms of Post Abortion Syndrome. Some of the events these women encounter, from the most frequent to infrequent, are:

  • preoccupation with the aborted child
  • flashbacks of the abortion experience
  • feelings of "craziness"
  • nightmares related to the abortion
  • perceived visitation from the aborted child
  • hallucinations related to the abortion

In 2001, the U.S. Senate passed legislation funding PAS research by the National Institutes of Health.

Here are resources for those dealing with post-abortion trauma and stress:

American Victims of Abortion
Support, advocacy, and public education.

In Memorium
From After Abortion. Tributes to aborted children. A beautiful page suitable for prayer and meditation. Add your child's name if you wish.

Last Harvest Ministries
Pregnancy and post-abortion help.

Post-Abortion Stress Syndrome Support and Research
Information, message boards, and advice. This site equally respects all viewpoints on abortion. If you are pro choice and leary of pro life outreach, this is a great place for you to start.

"Post-Abortion Distress"
World online article.

Rachel's Vineyard
Retreats for everyone who has been hurt by an abortion.

Safe Haven: Steps to Healing
A workbook-type page of questions to work through and suggesting for healing. From a Christian perspecive.

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